Sunday, 27 January 2013

One week today!!! The race will have started!!!

Well as I type this it's only 7 days till the start of the Ocean floor race & only 4 days till me & Amanda fly out to Egypt & it can't come quick enough ( I want to see some sun).
So what have I been up to since my last blog, Well I had the opportunity to meet up with the lovely people from Buff (who sponsor my kit) & me & Ben met up with Sarah (Head of Marketing) & the rest of the Buff team at the N.E.C & it was great to finally meet them all in person instead of just through emails & Facebook .It was also great to see some of the exciting new range available later in the year.
I even got a nice posh goretex hoodie buff given to me which was very nice & unexpected.
A massive thank you once again to for all your help the last 12 months & I love running in your products, long may it continue.

Snow Training.
Well training has been mad the last week with us having snow, Its been rather hard work on the legs but I have really enjoyed it & I reckon its been rather beneficial & in a bizarre sort of way quite similar to running on sand, so thats got to be good hasn't it!!
I have not been impressed so much with trying to run when the snow started to thaw as Burntwood has been like a ice rink on the paths and way to dangerous to risk running on & getting a injury this close to the race, So I've resorted to training on my treadmill with full backpack & heater on to try and replicate the desert temperature.

New race gear.
So at long last I have finally got all my gear sorted for the Ocean floor race my latest bit of kit is amazing its the Klymit x lite sleeping pad which weighs only 173g & when folded away the same size as a can of pop, making it a perfect bit of kit for me to carry in the desert & its the first sleeping matt I have ever had which actually fits inside your sleeping bag not underneath it.

This was purchased from a amazing online company called which is run by Amanda & Andy Heading who are both ultra athletes & they are so helpful & knowledgable about there products , they also have vast experience of ultra events & desert races , I highly recommend visiting there website.

So all the training has been done now, kit has been got , food is ready to be packed , E.C.G tests done,
help & advice has been given by family & friends, So its down to me & Amanda to get the little task of running 160 miles together & helping & motivating each other to the finish line & I can't wait!!!!

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