Friday, 18 January 2013

Feeling nearly famous :)

As I write this blog it's actually just over 2 weeks till myself & Amanda fly out to the Ocean floor race.
A couple of days ago we were lucky to have been sent a picture from Fat Feet the race organisers showing us our pitched tent accommodation in the desert & this for me is building to the excitement of this epic adventure.

So what have we been doing since my last blog ?? well where do I start??

Last week we were lucky enough to be interviewed by Ian Corless for Talk Ultra's podcast 15 mins of fame slot.We were both pretty nervous about this & we didn't know what to expect as none of us were together & the interview was done via a 3 way phone call. ( first time I have ever had one of those )
I really can't believe how smooth the interview went & Ian was a great host, A massive thank you to Ian for giving us the opportunity to be on his show.  We also have a slot when we return from the desert so please keep following for more details.

Please check out the podcast by clicking here. our interview is 1hour 52mins into it, I do recommend listening to it all as its a great show.

Training has been going great, even in the cold weather.  I have been adding some extra treadmill runs into my training in the garage with heaters on full blast to get used to running in hot conditions ( much to the amusement of everyone I tell)
Also last weekend we had Amanda & Karl up at ours for a weekend of training, planning & GPS training.  I was really looking forward to this & was disappointed as our training went really well!! Planning was done down to a tee thanks to Amanda's spreadsheets & everything is now on track for the desert.

Which leaves us with GPS training!!
I defiantly speak for both of us when I say that we have not been the best at using a GPS in the past & we have muddled through it. But obviously with us having to run 160 miles across a desert using only GPS we needed to learn fast!!!!
A massive thanks to my hubby Ben for giving us both a crash course in setting them up on the morning of our training run & handing us 4 checkpoints to find & programme into our GPS units.
Then we were taken by our husbands & dropped on our run.

Sunday was a lovely sunny, but cold day & perfect for running across the beautiful countryside of Cannock Chase not to far away from where I live & Amanda was loving the terrain a bit different to what the southerners are used to !! lol !! I don't think Ben could of found us a hillier course but all the same we were enjoying it & our newly found GPS skills were put to the test.  Im pleased to say we had no problems at all, I said it was down to our newly acquired ninja skills but Ben reckons it was because he had taught us.
Pictures from our Sunday"s training session.


Just in case you are wondering what all the Ninja references & pictures are when we first started training & arranging this ocean floor race adventure, Amanda came up with the Ninja name's and its stuck ever since. Even our sponsor  t shirts have Ninja 1 & Ninja 2 on them .

Our New printed sponsor t shirts.
Im also pleased to announce that we have both been supplied with a Inov-8 race pac 25 and a massive thank you to for supplying these.  I look forward to trialling this over the weekend, although initial thoughts are I could probably do with hiring a camel to carry my kit at the desert as my pac is rather heavy!!

Please look out for my next blog at the weekend with details of a new 24hour race called The Joust 24hr which Myself & Amanda are helping to promote & organise in conjunction with Steven Worrallo at

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