Monday, 7 January 2013

1st Blog of 2013 & A Mimi adventure.

Well where do I start, Its January already & me & Amanda fly out to Egypt this month for the Ocean Floor Race!!! Its come around so quickly & to say we are both rather excited is a understatement (well I think its excited or scared to death!!)

We have both loved the planning & organising & friendship which has come with this race & I am very lucky that Amanda loves spreadsheets & everything is organised down to the last bit of kit needed.
So a massive thanks to Amanda for doing that!!

So this was a rather exciting prospect for both of us as we had the pleasure of meeting up with the Marvellous Mimi Anderson if you don't know who Mimi is where have you been!!!

Below is just a few of her amazing ultra running achievements, I have listed my favourite ones & the ones I would love to run in myself one day.

Sept 2012 (WORLD RECORD)
The fastest crossing on foot of Ireland 345 miles
in 3 days, 15hours, 36mins , 55 secs

Double Badwater 2011.
1st British female to compete the double.
To do the double you run a total distance of 292 miles  in temperatures of approx 130 degrees.
A awesome achievement.

Thames Path 100 2012.
This is a 100mile non stop race starting in Richmond London & finishing in Oxford .
1st Lady finishing in a amazing time of 18 hours & 50 mins.

I could literally keep listing all the brilliant races & performances but i would be here all day lol.
Check out Mimi's website to see for yourself.

Well what else can I say Mimi is the queen of ultra running & one of the nicest friendliest person you could wish to meet & Im sure not many people can say they have had coffee & a bit of PINK wine with a world record holder.  So now you can see why both of us were rather excited about receiving help & advice from her.  I stayed at Amanda's the night before so we could meet up early & as I was coming down from the midlands on the train it was so much easier this way (it didn't run as smooth as I thought on the way back but I will go into this later)

So off we set into London & on the way we were trying to decide what questions to ask Mimi & in the end we just decided it would be better to just have a good old fashioned chat & that is what we did for a good 3 to 4 hours in a rather nice hotel.  It was so nice to hear about all the different races & experiances from another female & the advice she has given us we will be using in the desert especially the advice ref drop bags & blisters simply brilliant.  We were both also lucky enough to have been lent a anti venom pump each by Mimi & this could prove to be a very important piece of kit if the worst happened ( Amanda don't worry I have been practising with mine & I'm now a expert lol) It was also lovely to hear that Mimi will be following the race to see how we get on & we will be meeting up again afterwards so she can hear about our adventure & see our photos.

A great day was had by us all & all we had to do was to get something to eat before we got the train back to Amanda's before I got my train back home, this you would think would be quite straight forward unless you lose your train ticket!!!!!  I had it when I got on the train but it was nowhere to be seen when we got to Huntington. (I never lose anything) Amanda had told me not to worry as there will be no guards on!! Oh yes there were!!! So what do I do?
These were my options.
A: Cry
B: Panic
C: Panic & try & sweet talk the guard.

So panic & sweet talk the guard it was & luckily for me after a few mins of me trying to explain what had happened he let me off phew, or it would of been a rather expensive day, but it still would of been worth it for the inspirational chat & advice from such a amazing ultra athlete.

We both throughly enjoyed the day & a massive thank you once again to Mimi for been so Marvellous & for taking time out to meet up with us both.

I have borrowed this off Mimi's website & I think its perfect for mine & Amanda's Ocean Floor Race.


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