Sunday, 11 November 2012

New Sponsor News.

Well where do i start, I still can't believe how generous & helpful people are been with regards to the Ocean floor race 2013 this week alone we have picked up three more sponsors who will be helping with some finance towards the remaining costs.

Firstly my Dad's company Halco Products (where I work) so a massive thank you Dad for agreeing to help, your support as always is brilliant.
Secondly a massive thank to Don Gemmell from Fleetwood Building Services (one of my favourite customers) for also helping.
Thirdly Music Box nightclub St Ives where Amanda works for also agreeing to help in exchange for there logo on our tops. Thanks Guys.

Also this week we have had some interesting emails/parcels from company's offering us some product support, 

Trion Z have supplied us both with one of the bracelets, I absolutely love these & I find they really do help & I have been a big fan for years. Amanda was a bit sceptical at first as she had never worn one before but she has seen a vast improvement in her sleep alone since wearing one.
Look out for our full reviews soon.

Rocktape has also been brilliant & they have sent us 3 rolls to keep us going in training & in the desert. Full details & reviews to follow.

Shewee are going to be supplying us with there products & I feel these will become one of the most useful piece of kit to have in the desert (Guys u don't know how easy u have it)

Clothing wise this week we had some great news the company Striders Edge will be sponsoring Amanda with some kit for the race.

Where as I will be running across the desert in my Buff sponsored kit. 
Please look out for my reviews on Buffs in my next Blog.

Another parcel arrived at both of our houses this week from Steve from Ultra Running ltd, 
He kindly sent us both a couple of fleeces to keep us warm at night, So a massive thank u from us both for these.

So as you can see everything seems to be coming together nicely, Amanda is getting to grips with her fear of the dark & she is really doing great with that, also this week she has found some new runners to train with near where she lives which is excellent news.
I'm having quite a easy weekend due to racing in the Valencia Marathon next weekend 18th Nov & I am really looking forward to that & I can't wait to run up the amazing finish line across the water.

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