Monday, 14 July 2014

Resting still !!

Well it's been a good 2 weeks since Endure24 & I'm still having an enforced rest due to a egg like bump on my leg :-(
After finally having some courage to let a physio have a look at it and a scan I now know that it's a slight tear & not shin splints or a broken bone thank god !!
So what happens now ? 
Well I have 19 days till the Buff epic trail race in Spain on Aug 2nd 
So it's more rest lots of painful massage to break down the blood which has conjeeled in the lump , ultra sound treatment & dry needling ( not my favourite past time ) as I don't like needles. 
What is dry needling ? 
In between my physio sessions I'm also icing my leg as much as possible. 
So for once I've been told that I'm doing the correct thing by not running & the rest will do me good ( even if I'm not happy about it ) .
But I know that if I don't I won't be able to do my main race of 2014 & I will be absolutely gutted .
So for now it's rest , rest & more rest & lots of physio & ice to get me to Spain.

It's also great to hear that my fellow team Buff uk ultra runner & friend Duane Roberts will also be running with me in the Buff Epic Race so Team Buff uk will be rocking the alps.

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